19 february horoscope for gemini

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr. 20)

However, ironically, the only thing that is clear at the moment is that nothing is clear.

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The immediate crisis at work seems to be past, but there remains a danger that colleagues are likely to blow up without warning. You can use your time profitably by rearranging your spending plans. The fiery planet Mars is now passing through a favourable and supportive region of your chart, encouraging friends and partners to go their own way. You will gain from encouraging loved ones to take up new interests rather than attempting to hold them back.

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In your solar chart the radical and philanthropic sign of Aquarius represents your ability to bring an entirely different quality to work, whether paid employment or domestic chores. Right now this indicates that you will find new ways to team up with like-minded people. You certainly appear to be living up to your reputation as someone with a rare appreciation of beauty and the finer things of life.

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This is a time for cultural pursuits and self-indulgence rather than graft. Nobody has such a sharp eye for the truth as you.

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You see, you know exactly how folk in authority are likely to behave. You also realise that it is very difficult for people to fulfil their promises. After a lot of near misses or false starts, you may finally be about to achieve a cherished goal. The first requirement, though, is to sort out the continuing complications dogging your financial affairs. You won't want to focus on things like work, money, or household chores. Instead, create a space where just the two of you can be together.

Do something romantic, such as going out to a nice restaurant or seeing a theater event together.

Make the evening special, and celebrate your relationship. If you've been having any difficulties, things will flow better for the two of you now. You're not always attentive to rules and regulations. But you might want to focus on structure now.

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  • You could find yourself keeping a tight schedule, and you'll want to make sure that you remember to keep all of your appointments. Carry a calendar with you as a reminder. Or you could find that you need to focus on budget issues today. Take a careful look at expenditures versus income so that you can keep on track.

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    Today you could be in a creative mood. You might decide to suddenly paint your house a different color.

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    • Or you might end up buying something, such as plants or fish, to bring new energy into your home. You'll be eager to make some small changes to your immediate environment. Don't let things remain drab and boring. It could be the perfect time to shake things up! A group you are affiliated with could meet somewhere in your neighborhood. Though you are usually more sensitive and intuitive than many others, today you could well be feeling especially so. Expect a lot of phone calls and visitors - and don't be surprised if you find yourself reading their minds!

      Artistic and creative interests could also be important to you at this time. Love: Thanks to Venus taking you under her wing, love is well and truly in the air!


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      19 february horoscope for gemini 19 february horoscope for gemini
      19 february horoscope for gemini 19 february horoscope for gemini
      19 february horoscope for gemini 19 february horoscope for gemini
      19 february horoscope for gemini 19 february horoscope for gemini
      19 february horoscope for gemini 19 february horoscope for gemini

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