Fifth place in horoscope

The Fifth House: The House of Pleasure

This usually manifests as artistic creativity, and many actors, singers, artists, and the like have Fifth House Moons or prominent Fifth Houses. A Fifth House Moon is also usually good with children, though you may become attached in unhealthy ways. Those with very difficultly aspected Moons may have to watch for problems with gambling and negative risk-taking.

Natal Mercury in the 5th House With your natal Mercury in the 5th house, you can be a lively communicator. You have a great sense of humor, and are a fun person to be around. This is an excellent position for a comedian, impersonator, or actor.

5th House Astrology in Zodiac Signs

You can also make a good writer or speaker with your flair for words. If you have children, you want them to be intellectually talented. Mercury is a dual planet, so this can show being attracted to or in love with two people at once. You can also play the field, or be drawn to people younger than yourself.

Natal Venus in the 5th House With your natal Venus in your 5th house, love is important to you, and you crave attention and affection. You always have a crush on someone, and your approach is light and playful. The kid in you is always ready to play. You tend to be good with kids, and you give lots of affection to your children. You may love sports or have athletic ability. You can be child-like at times, competitive, and have a lively personality, always wanting to perform for people. You could be inclined towards show business because of that. If you have children, they can have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, a little Mars energy.

The 5th house also rules children, so you could have many children, be like a parent to many children, or have children that display Sagittarius traits. Natal Saturn in the 5th House With your natal Saturn in your 5th house, you have a hard time having fun or being spontaneous. Once you remove that block, you can learn to let loose and enjoy yourself.

Transit Planets

The 5th house rules children, so for some, this could mean having children who are Saturn-like serious, responsible, mature, or restricted , having difficulty having children, or having them later in life. The 5th house rules love, and you can date unusual people, have unusual relationships, start relationships fast and end them just as quickly, and be attracted to original people. Your hobbies may be unconventional, and you go into everything you try with enthusiasm. If you have children, they can be unusual, original, innovative, or rebellious.

You want to express yourself creatively or through the arts, and this is a good placement for an artist, musician, or actor. You may have trouble seeing romantic partners for who they really are, and fall for people who are no good for you, who tear you down, or who you need to save.

You need to lower your expectations and not bring so much chaos into your love life. You can be jealous in love, making you possessive. You can also be passionate about having children.

Engage in your favorite hobbies, go out with friends, attend parties, and go on dates. You seem more friendly and outgoing, and you come across as warm and funny.

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You want attention, and you can get it. Transit Moon in the 5th House Being social makes you feel good, and you feel more connected with others when engaging in creative pursuits or just playing around, having fun. Spending time out of the house, doing something fun is usually wanted with the Moon in the Fifth House. This should be a fun time of the month for all if handled well.

You may be in the mood for love and romance, and want to spend time being romantic with someone special. Your children may be more emotional, or may make you more emotional, or you could have a stronger desire for children or to spend time with children.

Fifth House – 5th House in Vedic Astrology

Laziness can set in with this transit in regards to your daily responsibilities, choosing to just play rather than work. You could also overindulge in things not-so-good for you, so watch yourself a little bit.


There can be a greater chance of getting approval from others to secure your sense of self. Planetary presence also means that what you do with your free time and of your own choice is quite important in your life. A lack of planets in the House doesn't mean that you lack pastime, but it does suggest that you're not very dependent on it.

That's not what you regard as essential in your life. You need to consider the whole before deciding on the meaning of one single ingredient. The opposition aspect to the 11th House, that of the big social scene and your ideals, is not so hard to see: either you care for yourself or for the rest of the world. At least they are not compatible simultaneously. The trine to the 9th House, that of travel and change, means that these things are stimulating to you.

The trine to the 1st House, your identity, makes sense since they are both about you.

The Fifth House: About You

What you enjoy and what you present to others. Romance and romantic affairs, both emotional pleasures, are within the realm of the Fifth House. Emotional satisfaction can be gained in many ways, and yet another way addressed by this House is gambling. While this implies a financial risk, it can also be viewed as the willingness to take a risk — on love, with money or in life.

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A gut risk in the hopes of a pleasurable outcome is how the Fifth House sees it. This House is actually quite rich with pleasures since it also lords over fun, games and hobbies. Life is more than just being or doing, it also includes finding —finding the pleasure in the acts in which we engage. Children as a source of pleasure are also important in the Fifth House.

This brings us back to creativity, since through our children we create an extension of ourselves and then watch it grow.

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