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Step 3: from the wide variety of ways to use Karmic Astrology, decide on the avenue that best suits you and learn how to build that form of practice. Level Two A Past-Life Healing can vary from a detached view of a past-life, to a very personal experience. The material that comes to consciousness is matched to your astrological chart and integrated into your Soul 's Mission.

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This allows you to realize insights, heal emotional wounds, resolve deep guilt, release fears and open yourself to more joy, excitement and love. This process can have a profound and enhancing impact on your life. On-going work with him can help you regain control in your life, turn the negatives into positives and help you utilize the many gifts stored in your past-life experiences and unconscious mind. Speil Link. Please allow notifications to be able to download files.

Block Allow. Linda Brady. If you have a nagging feeling that somehow your life has gotten off track, Discovering Your Soul Mission can help you create the most fulfilling life possible.

Discovering Your Soul Mission: How to Use Karmic Astrology to Create the Life You Want

Karmic astrologer and holistic teacher Linda Brady, along with coauthor Evan St. Judith began studying Karmic Astrology in the early nineties while a client of Linda Brady. Hans Ten Dam. She soon realized the two modalities were a match made in heaven!

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Judith has lectured at national Astrology conferences and written for professional publications. Judith facilitates this fascinating journey with great compassion and insight, leading to a deeper understanding of the many Selves that make you uniquely who you are. Each of us has the opportunity to weave these insights into our own collage story in a powerful way.

Judith provides a compassionate presence and a sense of sanctuary in her groups, which nurture body, mind, and spirit. I am a psychotherapist in private practice in Charlottesville, VA. I really had NO understanding of astrology and was curious about how I might integrate this topic into SoulCollage work.

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I found Judith to be well informed, enthusiastic and creative in her presentation. I went on to do a natal chart reading with her which opened up my inner psyche to the richness and wonder of the sacred mystery within. It has enhanced my work with clients and my own growth.

The Age of Soul in Karmic Astrology

I always uncover another mysterious layer of myself through making cards with Judith. She gives us a thought-provoking astrological theme to play with and then helps us process the cards we make in a deeply meaningful way. She makes her class a fun and safe place for self discovery. Working with Judy as a SoulCollage coach has been a wonderful journey of self exploration and creativity.

It has allowed me to delve into my shadow side with a new energy level. It has become a wonderful way to share ideas and insights with other participants.

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Judith is a kind, generous and intuitive facilitator whose classes are well worth the time and effort. I have gotten so much out of them and love the process. Live in a different time zone? No worries! Use the World Clock Meeting Planner to get the correct time. Click here for more information or sign up using this form:.

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linda brady karmic astrology Linda brady karmic astrology
linda brady karmic astrology Linda brady karmic astrology
linda brady karmic astrology Linda brady karmic astrology
linda brady karmic astrology Linda brady karmic astrology
linda brady karmic astrology Linda brady karmic astrology

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