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Aquarius ♒️ Weekly Forecast June 10th-16th

It turns retrograde in Sagittarius on 30th April and turns straight on 18th September. On 22nd April Jupiter turns retrograde in Scorpio and again it turns straight on 5th November into Sagittarius. With Saturn in your 11th throughout the year and Jupiter also supporting the house of career and professional financially it is going to be a landmark year for Aquarius folks.

You will go from strength to strength. Expect all good things happening around you. You will have to shoulder additional responsibilities and lead a bigger team of people. Your superiors will recognize your hard work and a public recognition or a award is also on the cards.

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Things also promise to rosy on the family front. Relations with loved ones will be harmonious with lot of happy incidents. From March onwards things will get slightly difficult for Aquarius students. They may have some trouble focusing on their studies and need to put more effort in competitive exams. In two of the biggest planets are blessing you and will give you lot of gains and power.

Week from october 6 th to october 12 th

But with great power comes great responsibility. Any misuse of power in 11th house transit of Saturn will come back to haunt you in when Saturn moves to your 12th. To sum up will be an excellent year for Aquarians. Buy Now. Skip to content. Aquarius Horoscope. Home Aquarius Monthly Horoscope. Weekly Monthly Yearly Aquarius weekly horoscope will be updated soon. It must be daunting. Do not be afraid. Wow my son just called and told me his father he had a bad dream about me and he is scared cause all his dreams have came true and i beleave when something u feel is that strong it should be reconized and acknowledged anyways.

But what i think is we are all in days of truth what do we or what do u truly want to li e for life death darkness or light sadness or joyfullnes days of choice. Great horoscopes could not be happier with what you have wrote, and you could not get any closer to what you have written. I was thinking about writing a card and sending it to her with my mum who is going to visit next week!

Everything else is great what you have wrote too. Thank you i will now be reading myvsign daily, im pleased i downloaded this app. Its wiered that i say this because i was born on JAN. I feel Like zodiac prophecies are more than just predictions, they are teachings of history being repeated. Love is a name of great feeling,love is a name of peace and those peoples who had a true lovers are very luck:'. Everything is so true….

My life is exacaly how it sayz it iz!!! I expect so many things from oracle that today i will see my zodiac sign prediction; the way i guide oracle. See its not for teenager,it is for all 21 to 40 …So tell abt love but tell many things in one love,business,enemy,friends mix many things in one package. We get to know abt all things in one small package,write like comprehenision all in one short paragraph.

Give advice but please tell what we should do day today and what work we should avoid today. If u tell foretell then it will look more nice.

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    weekly aquarius horoscope oracle Weekly aquarius horoscope oracle
    weekly aquarius horoscope oracle Weekly aquarius horoscope oracle
    weekly aquarius horoscope oracle Weekly aquarius horoscope oracle
    weekly aquarius horoscope oracle Weekly aquarius horoscope oracle
    weekly aquarius horoscope oracle Weekly aquarius horoscope oracle
    weekly aquarius horoscope oracle Weekly aquarius horoscope oracle

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