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Aquarius Personality: January 20 - February 18

These New Moon messages are resonating so deeply within me!

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Times of immense change and remaining humble throughout the process of walking this new pathway I am setting in an empowered way. Blessings to you and thank you for sharing this wisdom!

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Guess you feel it your place to make your political opinions known through your astrological forcasts. I used to enjoy reading Mystic Mamma. What is it with Liberals? Bunch of self righteous Bitches. Thank you Mystic Mama for such a supportive forum to share astrological insights that are so directly pertinent to the times we are experiencing! Your joyful intention and community of sharing are always such a source of profound community and support and I love to see the comments of other Mystic sisters out there! It is such a great feeling when we remember we are not alone. We cannot control the energies of these planets nor can we control our emotional attachments and reactions they activate but it very clear that the aim of all the contributors is to elevate our consciousness and awareness and to grow out of our self-induced bondage.

We all have strong ties that bind us, in our horoscopes and even deep down in our hearts but there is no blame and no shame in a forum like this. Please keep on shining and know that what happens here is not without sincere gratitude from your readers! Thank you for these amazing messages every month!! The accuracy is crazy real!

Energy is moving overwhelmingly fast but now is the best time for change and embracing the new and improved way of living for the greater good!! I had recently started a meditation circle every week and this is definitely mirroring these new energies! Josee says:.

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EmmaJane says:. What a powerful share. All of the beautiful insights are resonating so deeply with me at this time. As I clear the way and forge my new path I know I am not alone. I feel supported. I am thankful to have my tribe here with you all beloved. Thank you MM. Christina Valenzuela says:. Wow exactly how everything is going on in my life right thank you so much for answering some of my questions. Click here to cancel reply. All Rights Reserved. Shop Info Privacy. Aquarius loves to go off the beaten track. It experiments with possibilities.

Isis encourages us to bring together scattered parts of our lives into a unified whole.

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Piece by piece is the way forward. Hold you own hand. Be your own friend. Freedom is sometimes hard won. The wave of civil unrest, creative explosion, and the innovation of the established order will continue through to the latter half of You might find that certain ideological differences can be dealt with through a change in perspective.

Well, this T-square formation is causing a lot of stress, polarization , strong fanaticism, and expansion of the revolutionary , rebellious spirit that Uranus is so known for. The quintile is an aspect that the sensitive person aligned with more subtle forces can make creative use of. In addition, Mars is in quintile aspect to Pluto-also a part of the T-square so the divine masculine is weighing in on the direction that transformation is manifesting, perhaps learning how to work creatively with the power of the feminine as it is in the sign of Pisces; Mars is also traveling closely with Venus in late Pisces for just a few hours before he changes signs to Aries-his personal favorite, a sign he rules-fiery, potent and interested in action!

Apply as needed. If you are born on January 28, you value your freedom! The birthday zodiac sign for this date is Aquarius. Aquarians are careful with money. Professionally, you become successful in your pursuits of riches. Your mate will be a great source for comfort. Although you can be quick tempered, you can also be tolerant of others. You try to see all people as being good and decent human beings.

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  8. Those born on 28 January birthdate, have respect for the elders. People with Aquarius birthdates may, in the face of trouble, become distraught but will overcome any challenges they meet. Being hostile would only lessen your position with tranquility. Making a decision to move away from your hometown may be a wise decision. The typical Aquarian with a January 28th birthday will take interest in the mystical world and what is happening amongst the stars. You find pleasure and peace in the world around you.

    As your birthday personality shows when you detach yourself from the world, you have the time to explore your human side. You could easily fall away from those that you love in time of despair but the law of properties will guide you back. Everyone will have some rough roads to travel in their lives; it is up to you whether the bruises are permanent or temporary. According to the January 28 birth date characteristics, you are overly sensitive sometimes but overall, you are happy, fun to be around, easy to talk to and you are honest.

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    These are all fine qualities that you bring to the table. Some of your values are a part of tradition otherwise, you have developed your own set of rules. Aquarians realize that the world is forever changing, and you feel so should the rules. As far as improvements go, almost anything can be enhanced. You are extremely confident in your quests.

    The enthusiasm in which you take on projects should be admired. This January horoscope also predicts that this month makes you a stable minded individual who is outgoing and independent. Aquarians born on 28th January will accomplish most things they set out to do.

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    You have what is called perseverance. You are willing to continue on from start to finish. You find the support you need from your family and children. They can be there in ways that are surprisingly useful. Your marriage will be a happy union.

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    Just be careful to guard against any activity that is habit forming or destructive. Those born on this day have a tendency to enjoy certain pleasures that are not beneficial.

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    Aquarius, your birthday astrology predicts that you tend to make hasty decisions without consideration. Because of this, you will undergo certain periods where times are in an upheaval. It would be of importance to you that you gain insight to the spiritual powers that lurk within yourself.

    This will help you to deal with specific situations. Ultimately, there is a guide to a deeper understanding of any problems that you may go through. Perhaps consulting with a professional with help eliminate this problem. Aquarius, you have a way of changing your mind that is intimidating to others. The mood change is a result of your many impulses.

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