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A battle of egos can take place because of their common desire to dominate and be superior in their relationship. When two Leos are in a relationship, they will admire each other a lot and make grand and romantic gestures.

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Both of these partners love attention and enjoy the finer things in life. They're outgoing, affectionate, optimistic, social, and very generous individuals who enjoy going out and spoiling their loved ones. However, Leos have large egos and can be stubborn, arrogant, and bossy, so both of them will want to be in charge in this relationship. If they want to stay together for a long time, they'll have to keep their egos under control and learn to take turns on the royal throne.

Leos are extremely sensitive and their feelings can easily be hurt, even though they do not appear very emotional on the surface. They crave praise and flattery and are extremely proud individuals. Even when they have their hearts broken, they will hold their head up high and will move on with life in a very regal manner, searching for adoration and attention on other places.

These charming people thrive on compliments, although their extreme self-confidence often hides their insecure and sensitive side. Leos are often misunderstood because of their tough exterior, but deep down they're emotional beings who need to be loved and adored. So, how do Leo and Leo get along with each other when it comes to emotions? Leos generally get along well with other Leos, because they understand each other and appreciate each other emotional complexities.

They're great romantic partners, but are Leo and Leo sexually compatible? A Leo won't have a lot of trouble getting their fellow feline into bed and two of them will surely have a great time between the sheets. Leos are known for having a strong sexual drive - they are very loving, confident, and passionate, but also very demanding in the bedroom. These individuals always seek attention, so they have to feel really special and valued before they loosen up sexually.

Leos are adventurous and they love to be in charge, so as in other areas of Leo-Leo relationship, this one will also be fiery and intense. Leos are loyal, loving, generous, passionate, and protective individuals that need a lot of affection and adoration.

When two Leos decide to get married, they'll need to stop being so arrogant and learn to share the spotlight if they want to make it work. Once they do, this power couple will be the center of attention wherever it goes. To be in the company of Leos makes a person to feel relaxed and comfortable. They have a way with words. Even if they are being authoritative which they usually are as they consider themselves superior, they still keep the warm feeling that is so pleasant to experience when around them.

Leo and Leo Compatibility: When Two Royals Share the Throne

As things go right, they possess the qualities everyone adores and looks up to; however, in times of trouble one can see arrogance and a false sense of pride exuberates from them. They never admit defeat, modesty or mistake. Two Leos together are wonderful and extraordinary connection. When two Leos get together they both sense the devotion and loyalty they have for each other. They have the ingredients for a long lasting and enduring relationship.

Throughout their relationship, they tend to argue and fight so much more than any other combination, but they also make up that much more. Such arguments are not necessarily a bad thing. It puts fire into their relationship and a sense of passion that only a heated fight can bring when passions run so high.

Their fights consist mostly about who rule the roost, or who deserves the admiration from others more. Together, alone, they are best friends with a deep respect they both have for one another. Their relationship is at its best when they are alone together. Get them in a crowd of people and they are quick to turn around and try to get ahead of the other one.

Leo and Leo compatibility

But their need to be out and about amongst others to gain the admiration and adoration of others is what drives them to be loyal, generous and proud creatures. This turns one Leo against other Leo in a fight for the most and the best compliments, for there can only be one king or queen of the world. These two need to figure out how to share the spotlight regardless of how small that beam of light may seem to each other. When it comes to being related, two Leos can either be great pals or great mess.

As siblings, friends and colleagues they share a very warm but competitive relationship because both want to be the best and to be admired as the best. Still they are generous and helpful towards each other.

Leo and Leo Nature and Nuances:

Leo relatives are easy to carry on with each other with a lot in common. Business ventures can flourish with two Leos if they have same ideas to implement and ways to reach their goal. As spouses and lovers they have a very passionate and enthusiastic relationship with so much loyalty and romance to share. Leo parents are very generous and caring with authoritative behavior but always very devoted towards their little ones and little ones are always very respective towards their parents.

Two Leos together have much to love and share and a lot more to struggle about.

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They always need compliments and display of love and they need to be the ruler as well and this creates a lot of differences between them. None is ready to be the second one; they love their pride and dignity for which they are ready to sacrifice everything. They are not so good complimenting each other as much they are in receiving admiration for themselves. Moreover, they both love to dominate and want their say to be taken for an order as a result two Leos with different views a no less than a disaster.

But with patience and understanding they can adjust and make things smooth in their relationship with more sensibility. They can share the lime light and look at the decisions in more reliable way rather than on sheer proud factor. The future burns brightly for this fiery pair and it unlikely to ever burn out with proper attention, loyalty and love in abundance.

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