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Cyllarus is not an asteroid but a Centaur. Material wealth, harmony, status, rank, self-worth, artistic abilities, and endeavors. Calliope was the Greek muse of epic poetry, so her placement in a chart can indicate a poet, writer, storyteller or entertainer of sorts.

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Thalia was the Greek muse of comedy, so her placement in a chart indicates a natural talent in comedy or entertainment; this person may be a natural talk show host or class clown. Named after the Greek muse of romantic, erotic poetry. Something akin to a charming, feminine troubadour, Erato was often depicted with a lyre-like instrument so was Sappho! Erato was also said to be an adept mimic. Asteroid Erato appears in the charts of those that use feminine powers of seduction, especially through word and song. Clio was the Greek muse of history, and as such, shows up prominently in the charts of historians, writers, researchers, academics and anyone that dedicates things to the written record even diary or journal keepers.

I find Kassandra tends to show up in the charts of orators, speakers, activists, broadcasters and research journalists that operate right on the edge of breaking stories that run against the current status quo. Due to the nature of their stories, a certain amount of cognitive dissonance is created and the greater public does not always see or believe their point of view.

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Poesia is exactly what it says it means: poetry. Could you please add it to your list?

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I've read that it refers to your inner child, your natural innocence I"d love to know more if you have any info! Originally Posted by pianoluci.

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  4. Thank you!!!!! I don't know what to say Originally Posted by Bjorkstrand. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. Jack Layton, "Letter to Canadians" I thought we went along paths--but it seems there are no paths.

    The going itself is the path. Lewis , Perelandra.

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    Fixed stars, asteroids and other cosmic objects For astrology talks on fixed stars, Chiron, Sedna, Eris or any other newly discovered or little known cosmic object.

    Thread Tools. However I did in the end listen to my intuition and it was at this moment as I lay back in the sand and looked up at the sky that I perceived the round pen as a reflection of the zodiac! Amanda later said she thought this too as the horses were moving round the outside of the pen which is quite unusual for them and sending healing in, like planetary bodies.

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    Silver gave me a quite awesome healing going up and down my spine with her equine electro-magnetic field in sitting position. I have my own horse Sappho Lola and we have had many very special moments together. Once she lay down with me in a field and fell asleep with her head on my shoulder snoring gently in my ear. This was quite possibly the best moment of my entire life! I knew the healing power of horses but I was amazed at the way they worked as a herd together creating this incredible energy field around the group.

    What completely blew me away even more is that they appeared to understand that we were doing astrology and knew exactly how to join in.


    We have 2 more workshops planned for On May 23rd and 3rd July we will be working with Chiron and another centaur body Elatus who represents the Inner Sabateur as these bodies make a rare opposition. We will also be working with a labyrinth big enough for horse and human in the summer which will be very exciting.

    Contact us if you would like to find out more or join us on one of these amazing and unique experiences. Alternatively, please contact Wish you could hear what your horse has to say about his life, love and concerns?

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    Enhance your connection with your horse by improving listening skills, understanding the importance of environments, and which techniques and tools help and hinder. Our unique Holistic Horse Day offers all this and much more Life is a challenge, and many people find themselves struggling with self-confidence, anxiety, depression, and other blocks that interfere with having the life they want. Find out how we can help with our powerful Capture the Whisper programme.

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