Number 17 numerology today

About Indian Numerology Number Eight | Life Path Number 8 | Birth Number 8, 17, and 26

In this section, let see about characteristic and personality of Life Path Number 8, 17 and 16 destiny number 9. The numerology number 8 have strong spiritual beliefs.

Numerology Number 17

They will have a peaceful life. They are highly religious.

They make great economists. They are very creative and deep thinkers. They can easily manipulate others into accepting their views. They will be interested in social work. They are hard workers and achieve greatness. They lend a helping hand to the poor. They prefer to work alone. The numerology number 17 undergo many sufferings in their lives. They work tirelessly. Somehow, in the end, they will gain glory. They are very intelligent.

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They are large hearted and forgive their enemies. They will reach a steady position in their private, public and political life. Even if they are born in poverty, they work hard and attain prosperity. They are good at saving money. Some of their bold decisions might result in failure. But they can turn them around before others come to know of it. They plot great plans and execute them. They break through the troubles and difficulties that come their way with courage. The numerology number 26 suffer from financial problems. Their ancestral properties might be lost.

Loss of money can be seen. Others cheat them easily. Still, they are lion-hearted. Their thoughts are lofty and spiritual. Whatever comes their way, they work hard with the only purpose of achieving greatness. Their name gets badgered frequently by others. They have a fertile imagination and sharp intelligence.

Due to fate, they suffer many failures in life. In the end, however, they attain name, fame, and prosperity. They love everyone equally. They get into trouble over romantic matters. The number 8 are hard workers. If their number is strong they excel in their field; otherwise, they become laborers or low-level technicians. Any businesses related to the iron will be highly beneficial to the number 8s.

Birthday Number 17

When their number is strong, they become engineers; if weak they become diploma holders or lathe workers. Saturn related businesses like heavy transport are suitable for them. Operating heavy transport, driving vehicles are suitable jobs for them. Oil related businesses like petrol bunks, oil production, oil mills and oil businesses are highly profitable for them. Religious leaders, Temple administrators, people in charge of rituals and other famous jobs are held by the number 8.

Land related businesses are also profitable for them. Realty, farming, construction, masonry, land survey, architect and other related jobs are suitable for them. They are the big land-owners and great agriculturists.

The Numerological Meaning of Number 17

Business related to groundnuts, sesame seeds, pearl millet, mountain banana, bamboo, green leafy vegetables, tree, timber, coal, oil, spare parts, butchering, postal services, courier services, detective workers and sanitary workers are favorable for them. As the number 8s become completely engrossed in their work, they land name and fame in the Research and Development sectors. They also earn a good name as geologists and archaeologists.

They are great orators and become great religious orators and public speakers. Mining and mining related careers like granite businesses, marble businesses, and chemical business serve them well. Manufacturing businesses like woolen garments, leather, shoes, arms, soaps and careers in press, astrology, medicine suit them well. More than functioning on their own, they prefer to work under someone. But those with strong number 8 are usually owners or great overseas businessmen.

When their number is weak they resort to crimes without fear. The marriage life of the number 8s is not very satisfactory. They feel that they have some problem or other in their marriage. They are not open with even their wives; some even treat their wives with disrespect.

They always argue against their wives opinions.

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Similarly, the number 8 women do not treat their husbands well; they wish to lead lives their own way. Hence most of the number 8 people do not live a happy married life. Generally, the number 8 marry out of their race, religion or caste. But love marriages do not give happiness to the number 8s. If they marry people born on Number 1 and Number 4 , they will be compatible. They should not marry the person born under numerology number No. Spouses born on 9 try to dominate them. The wedding dates should sum to 1 or 6. The people born on 1 and 4 from their greatest friends.

The people with the numbers 5 , 6 and 8 are favorable for them. They are assailed by the ailments of the intestines. Most of them would have suffered from stomach aches as children. Asthma, breathlessness, headaches and dizziness affect them frequently. They also suffer from occasional blood poisoning; hence they should undergo regular blood tests. They suffer from arthritis and liver trouble. They should avoid tea, coffee, and alcohol. They should add lemons, pineapple, banana and dates to their diets. Eating the August tree leaves Agathi keerai frequently benefits them enormously.

The days 1 , 10 , 19 and 28 are favorable for them. The number 5 can counteract any trouble due to number 8. Hence the days 5, 14, 23 are also favorable. The dates which add to 1 or 5 are good. The days 4 , 13 , 22 and 31 bring good luck on their own.

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But they should not start any new ventures on those days. Number 9 also brings good fortune to them. But they should avoid the days 8, 17, 26 and 2 , 11 , 20 and 29 and dates which add to 2 or 8.

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