Moonology aquarius horoscope

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The Sun in the birth chart shows the ego and the essential self that you will be dealing with. Don't panic! You are more than just your Star sign!

Astrologers tend to ignore the strange midnight ruling when astronomers demoted Pluto to being a dwarf planet and you probably should too. The Ascendant or Rising sign also tells you a lot. It represents the sign that was rising in the East at the moment and place you were born. The planets and our Rising sign all represent different parts of our personality. And clash we do, sometimes. However his Venus love planet smack on the most personal point in my chart my Ascendant overrides that.

If you do want to look further into this, you can get a free birth chart at www.

Mercury Retrograde 2020 Calendar

As well as your Sun, also look at your Moon which shows how you emote , your Venus love , Mars sex and Jupiter fun planets. Moving forward without resistance is the way to go. Why keep holding on to things that are not working out or causing you pain?

MOON INTO AQUARIUS - Yasmin Boland's Moonology

Life is too short to sit around trying to hold on to someone or something that has outlived. Happy Humpday loves How was stargazing for you last night? October 13th is just around the corner! Make a promise to yourself right now to let your unique light shine through. I know it can be really hard to do that all at once, so try a little at a time Leave the past behind, you are headed in the right direction, get out of y.

I liked how he seemingly held all the power of the Minor Arcana, that he was l. Being a single mom is hard and you have to take every moment you have to grow, work and just be you. I knew starting a business while working fulltime would add a lot to my plate. I have not regretted a moment of it though.

My son has seen me heal,. No better way to end a long day than with a hot herbal bath, and a good book! Moonstone Cab To buy please claim by commenting me or mine. Payment only by PayPal. Poetry can be written and read. Meditations go deeper.

Soulmates c. Energies are all out of whack lately. Needed a little positive boost today. The Moon is totally underrated! Aprendendo novos temas Um de cada vez! A lire sur www. Learning about the moon.

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Or again. Or and. Moonology moonology oraclecards yasminboland moon. Pick-a-Card Time! Comment down what you chose! Have a question in mind? Hope this guidance helps to clear your mind or shine the light! Love conquers all. Moon Magic Since ancient times, people have gathered together around the cycles of the moon to celebrate and harness the energies each phase brings. The light of the Full Moon offers illumination and clear vision to witness our lives from a higher pe.

Moonology What an amazing book have you read it? Have the best time xx. It may only be October, however look at some of the beautiful diaries we have in the shop. Our favourite is the Moonology diary by Yasmin Boland. Connect with the magical energies of the 25 New and Full Moons of Once finished, you will ask your question, swirl the excess liquid and leaves around 3 times, then place the cup upside on the saucer for at least 1 minute.

After this the tea leaf reader will interpret the images inside your cup. The person having the reading will be told to drink with intent, and once they are finished, they should place the cup upside on the sauce and spin it 3 times. Then let it sit for about 1 min. The coffee grounds reader will then interpret the images on the inside of the cup. Using books to receive Divine guidance. Choose a book, ask your question, then flip to a random page with your eyes closed and read that page or a paragraph you point to for your answer.

You would use a book that is sacred to your spirituality. This could be a book on your bookshelf, at the book store, library, etc. This one does not have to correspond with your spirituality, or any type of spirituality. The use of stones and crystals for divination. These would typically be chosen at random, and the reader would interpret what that some means for you and your question. This crystal would indicate that yes, love is coming, because Rose Quartz represents love. I currently give readings using my intuitive abilities claircognizance, clairvoyance and Moonology Oracle Cards.

Message me to request a reading! And EEEP the moonology oracle cards!!! I now have those and my wild unknown tarot set : I feel so witchy hehehe!

Yesterday marked the Fall Equinox. I love to let people borrow books, but this one I refuse to let leave my house.

Pile 1: Selenite Heart

I use it too often! An exciting new romantic connection is on its way to you soon! The Universe is preparing the perfect union for you and this new person. Chantall urges you to listen to your intuition and if you have been feeling the desire to join a new class, start going to the gym, visit a new place or even start a new job, follow it! Take action on these little changes and it could lead you towards your new love connection. However, I feel that you are currently blocking yourself off from a potential connection.

This could be due to fear, insecurities or past experiences. I understand that love can come with a whole lot of emotional baggage but you are reminded today to be confident in yourself and allow new love to come into your life.

Aquarius Daily Horoscopes

So try letting your guard down a little bit today and open your arms to love and see what happens! Stop fretting over the details as it will bring you nothing but worry.

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This is a lighthearted and fun reading to see if you resonate. Like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube!

moonology aquarius horoscope Moonology aquarius horoscope
moonology aquarius horoscope Moonology aquarius horoscope
moonology aquarius horoscope Moonology aquarius horoscope
moonology aquarius horoscope Moonology aquarius horoscope
moonology aquarius horoscope Moonology aquarius horoscope
moonology aquarius horoscope Moonology aquarius horoscope
moonology aquarius horoscope Moonology aquarius horoscope

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