Lord ravana horoscope

Interesting combination, Venus and mercury. This gives soft and artistic voice. So we can expect that ravana had beautiful voice which attracts ppl. As Venus in 6th indicates, war or conflicts due to women. Exalted Venus in duel sign Pisces indicates multiple relationships. Jupiter exalted in 10th house, this gave him excellent knowledge of many sastras, abounded wealth, happiness in life. Ayurveda knowledge blessed by Saturn and moon conjunction in lagna.

Ravana horoscope indicates many yogas.

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The only planet debilitated is "mercury". We know that what it meant for. Coming to his high spirituality and shiv bhakthi, Jupiter exalted in moon House, moon placed in lagna with exalted Saturn. All these 3 planers made him highly spiritual.

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  • Ravana was an excellent astrologer. The placement of Saturn, aspect of Sun and the complicated Saturn-Sun relationship ensured that he had to endure hardships of forests via mother. His sons Luv and Kush were brilliant and carried the glorious raghu dynasty forward by building new cities.

    Dussehra 12222: 10 amazing facts about Ravana

    Ram and Ravan both had Panch-Mahapursha Yoga which are five planets in exaltion. Both were born in great dynasty due to a strong Sun for Ram and strong Jupiter for Ravan in tenth house. Both had troubles due to mother as Ram had Saturn and Ravan had Mars in fourth house. It is well known fact that Ravan was quite lustful and was even known for going after married or celibate sanyasini women.

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    He had earned quite a few curse through his lustful actions. Lanka as described in Ramayana was a place where alcohol and gambling were rampant. The aspect of Venus on 12th House made Ravan enjoy bedroom pleasures to the fullest. Also Visha Yoga in ascendant made him hateful, arrogant and oblivious to logic. His arrogance and his lust for other women ultimately brought about his downfall. He was able to differentiate between right and wrong.

    Aspect of Mars did make him angry but Jupiter and Moon all but ensured he maintained calm and composure in face of great adversity. He practised monogamy and righteousness which was due to blessings of Jupiter and aspect of Saturn. Ram and Ravan had quite a few similarities in their horoscope's.

    That would not have made much difference either cause Ravan was blessed with extra-ordinary intelligence and become a great king by blessing of Shiva. But he let the bad traits of Visha Yoga like arrogance, anger and hatred take over his rational. Sixth house placement of Venus and Mercury blessed Ravan with great musical skills. He was a notable veena player but he let the bad qualities of Venus in sixth house like lust and promiscuous attitude take control of his senses.

    Ram on other hand had a life full of misery and hardships. Yet he chose the mandate of protecting dharma when he could have lived a merry life in forests or in palaces.

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    • No one compelled him to go to forests. It was his own choice. But he did it to set an example for others. That is what made him a legend for generations to come. Planets could only bring misery in his life but could not prevent Ram from being prayed and adored for generations to come.

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      If you wish a practical solution to your query than kindly get in touch with us. Astro Isha. Before the conversation began, Yama gave Rama strict instructions that their dialogue was to remain confidential, and anyone who entered the room was to be relieved of their life. Rama agreed and entrusted Lakshmana with the duty of guarding his door. When Durvasa made his demand, Lakshmana politely refused. The sage grew angry and threatened to curse all of Ayodhya if Lakshmana did not immediately inform Rama of his arrival.

      Lakshmana, in a dilemma, decided it would be better that he alone die to save all of Ayodhya from falling under Durvasa's curse and so interrupted Rama's meeting to inform him of the sage's arrival. Rama quickly concluded his meeting with Yama and received the sage with due courtesy. In order to fulfil his brother's promise, Lakshmana went to the banks of the river Sarayu resolved on giving up the world by drowning himself in the Sarayu river.

      Srisaila Mahathyam - Greatness Ravana Brahma By Chaganti -- EPI 15(2)

      Lakshmana is personified by Rama as a man with unwavering loyalty, love and commitment to his elder brother through times of joy and adversity alike. Bandhavgarh Fort at Madhya Pradesh bandhav as brother, garh as fort is said to be given by Lord Rama to his brother Lakshmana to keep a watch on Lanka. The community members of an imperial dynasty Gurjara-Pratihara claimed that they were called Pratihara as their ancestor Lakshmana served as a door-keeper to his elder brother Rama.

      They ruled much of Northern India from the mid 7th to the 11th century. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

      Sri Rama's Horoscope manheraraco.ml

      This article is about Hindu deity. For other uses, see Lakshman disambiguation. Dasharatha father Sumitra mother. Rama portrayed as a vanvasi forest dweller in the forest with wife Sita and brother Lakshmana. A van Nooten William University of California Press.

      Lord ravana horoscope
      Lord ravana horoscope
      Lord ravana horoscope
      Lord ravana horoscope
      Lord ravana horoscope
      Lord ravana horoscope

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