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Often it is likened to a wheel with 12 spokes. Traditionally it is a geocentric datum with the earth sitting at the hub but it is often shown from a heliocentric perspective.

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It works either way. The centerline of the degree wide wheel track is aligned to the ecliptic, the apparent path of the sun. The degree sectors between neighboring spokes correspond to the 12 signs of the zodiac. Beginning with Aries, they are arranged counterclockwise in the same order as listed in the newspaper horoscopes.

This is the geometric figure but a geometric figure, in and of itself, does not constitute a datum. The realization of the zodiac is based on angular measurements to certain points in the sky. The stars, the ecliptic, and the vernal equinox all play a part in this.

Precession of the Equinox Tying a datum to the physical world is necessary, but it comes at a cost. Over time, survey datums degrade because the monuments that they are tied to move. This is due to plate tectonics, local subsidence, and other factors. This is a fundamental property of datums and astrological datums are no exception. The largest movement affecting the zodiac is due to an effect known as the precession of the equinox.

It occurs at a point in space and time in which the pole of the earth is tilted perpendicular to the sun. The reason? We live in an imperfect world.

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From the vantage of a spaceman floating above the earth and looking down at the north pole, the earth spins on its axis in the same direction as it orbits the sun: counterclockwise. While doing this, the tip of the North Pole wanders clockwise. Over a 26, year cycle it traces a full circle. Due to the changing tilt of the axis, the orbital position of the earth at the moment of equinox changes. This causes the equinox to move backwards through the zodiac and the effect is called precession of the equinox. Due to precession all four seasons walk around the sun every 26, years.

This is the Great Year. These are the Great Months, or more poetically, the Ages of Man.

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When they did this they performed a realization. They rotated the wheel and aligned the leading spoke of Aries with the vernal equinox. The argument between the warring sides hinges on a technical point: Which is the proper realization? Is it Zodiac tropical or Zodiac sidereal?

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Zodiac tropical The tropical realization is the dominant system in western astrology. Under this scheme, the first point of Aries is still tied to the vernal equinox. As the equinox rotates clockwise over the ages, due to precession, the zodiac remains locked to it and rotates along with it. Using this realization, the constellations are no longer in their original signs.

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    sidereal daily horoscope Sidereal daily horoscope
    sidereal daily horoscope Sidereal daily horoscope
    sidereal daily horoscope Sidereal daily horoscope
    sidereal daily horoscope Sidereal daily horoscope
    sidereal daily horoscope Sidereal daily horoscope

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