Leo daily horoscope 2 february 2020

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Leo Daily Horoscope

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Every month, you will find here the […] WeMystic's editorial team Posted On Gemini Horoscope Looking for the Gemini Horoscope for ? Aries Horoscope Looking for the Aries Horoscope for ? Taurus Horoscope Looking for the Taurus Horoscope for ? Walk away, Taurus. Today, pacifist Venus crashes into unruly Uranus and knocks you sideways.

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Before you realize it, you could be in a nasty squabble with someone who knows exactly how to push your buttons. Plus, it will keep you above the fray while you choose the wisest reaction.

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Drop the mask and get real, Gemini. Rebellious Uranus nudges peace-seeking Venus, warning against the perils of going along to get along.

Electrifying Uranus clashes with aesthetic Venus today, jolting you into action. Clean up, Leo! But steer clear of the austere and lean into technology and creativity when designing your new systems. A strip of pink LEDs could line your bookshelves hello, mood lighting , or maybe you could set up speakers to pipe into every room of your house.

Leo Daily Horoscope

Try to have fun with this and engage anyone else living under your roof in the process. Pace yourself, Virgo. As restless Uranus pokes at Venus in your sleepy twelfth house, you may feel wired and tired at the same time. Streamline your schedule today and consider outsourcing.

Leo Horoscope - Leo Horoscope

Uranus rules technology, so a virtual assistant or a hired gun from TaskRabbit could be the perfect pinch hitter. Go on that architectural tour or check out a museum exhibit before it closes. Letting others take that role for a bit might not be a bad idea.

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Today, as liberated Uranus nudges your ruler, vivacious Venus, you have better things to focus on, like meeting a Tinder date for a starlight stroll or checking out a foreign film with your S. There are days when you can rest on your considerable laurels, Scorpio, but this is not one of them.

A clapback is brewing—oh, the temptation to use that sensational Sagittarius wit to troll the trolls!

Decan 1 Leo 2020 Horoscope

But today, as rabble-rouser Uranus throws shade at peaceful Venus, your words could start a war. Take the high road, but hit the gym hard to burn off the aggression. As sultry Venus and rebellious Uranus square off today, you could be hit with a rare bout of possessiveness.

LEO 2020 YEAR OVERVIEW - It's All Changing

Let envy be your compass, then take action. Sign up for an online course or a local workshop that will help you reach your goals. Proactively pursuing the things that make you feel powerful is the best way to banish insecurity.

leo daily horoscope 2 february 2020 Leo daily horoscope 2 february 2020
leo daily horoscope 2 february 2020 Leo daily horoscope 2 february 2020
leo daily horoscope 2 february 2020 Leo daily horoscope 2 february 2020
leo daily horoscope 2 february 2020 Leo daily horoscope 2 february 2020
leo daily horoscope 2 february 2020 Leo daily horoscope 2 february 2020

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