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Cancer Rising have watery eyes, no matter the size or colour. They are seen as soft and caring and people are generally surprised when they get to know them better and their other placements come to the surface! They really care what people think of them, even if they hide it well. They can respond to criticism in a dramatic way, but they are generally lovable and warm, and small children are especially drawn to them. They can express themselves in quite a dramatic way and are born entertainers. You may feel judged around them, the way they speak is clear and very much to the point.

They often have dimples when they smile and there is just something cool about them. They can be either hilariously funny or bitterly sarcastic, often both. You can feel their mood and they can really make you uncomfortable. They must always be in control and if their inner storm is brewing, it turns into a scary expression on their face. Silly and goofy, they are at the same time wise and philosophical. Generally friendly and nice but you can feel the distance until you really get to know them better. Can have long legs and arms and egg-shaped skulls, or oval faces.

They may seem shy and always have a light, dreamy smile on their lips. At times they can even seem completely non-present, because they tend to wander away in their thoughts. I am afraid of forgetting everything I want to remember.

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I am afraid of remembering everything I want to forget. Aries rising : Bold, brave, independent. Likes attention, could seem child-like competitive, pout when someone does something better than them. Leo rising : Very charming and have a warm presence. Love to make jokes and are the ones that try to make others feel comfortable. Very approachable and can easily make friends, unless they appear conceited which can happen in some cases. Sagittarius rising: Easygoing, likeable, humorous. The kind of people that everyone loves. Very sociable and treat everyone equally.

Enthusiastic and almost always positive. Always have an opinion, no matter what the topic is. Can appear wise and mature. Soft smile, could often cling onto their friends. Could have a very intense gaze, you feel like they see your soul. Pisces : Could be social but not the one to lead conversations or talk to people first. Very soft, breathy voice.

Rising Signs - The Ascendant in Astrology

The ones to always play with animals when they see them. Taurus: Very chill,have a very slow, pleasant voice. They always make their atmosphere comfortable no matter where they are. Bring coffee, adjust their seats, sometimes almost lie when they seat on a sofa if the situation is appropriate.

Easygoing and appear approachable. Always try to look put-together and composed.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

They might seem colder when you talk to them at first. Always willing to help. Gemini : Might move a lot. Fast voice, usually higher. They are often the ones to approach others to make friends or just small talk. Joke a lot, laugh a lot, have a child-like quality to them. Always curious and ask questions.

Libra : Lovely! They are the ones that are calm yet social. They are easy to make contact with others and are very charming in the way they do it. Best manners, a soft speaking voice even men , always try to look good. Love to flatter others and get that in return. Aquarius : Very friendly but they keep their distance from people.

Not afraid to socialize but they prefer not to. Could isolate themselves from the crowds and do their own thing.

Rising Signs

Their style is very eccentric or they wear dark clothes. Think of an Aries Rising as spring, powering through the cold hard earth of winter. They are people of action, and being ruled by Mars adds a pioneering and competitive spirit. Their energy is direct and honest. In friendship, people with an Aries Ascendant often bond with other adventurous, spontaneous, and free-spirited people. They have an aura of calm that surrounds them.

They are not pushy, but are well known for their steadfastness and loyalty. These people tend to attract other artistic souls, and may have a tendency to place them on a pedestal. Gemini Risings are restless, quick-witted, and very excitable. Mercury, which rules this ascendant, was well known for his mental agility and speed. These traits are noticeable in this placement, as they often gesticulate with their hands and can talk on a variety of subjects. The Moon plays a huge and noticeable role on Cancer risings. They are famously in tune with emotions- theirs and others. There is a protective, motherly quality that makes them stand out.

They are compassionate, understanding, and warm. A Cancer ascendant also possesses an active imagination, and is able to pick up signals from all around them. Leo Risings embody a regal, royal energy. They often possess a sense of nobility and are usually very generous and big-hearted. With the Sun ruling this placement, they are gifted with a vibrant magnetism and a flair for drama. Socially, Leo ascendants are charming and diplomatic, able to communicate with almost anyone. They are very lovable, and others are drawn to them because of their energy and sense of humor. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo risings, and this makes these people analytical and practical.

They are highly adaptable, organized, and responsible. They are not as cold and stand-offish as they may seem. This placement bestows very caring and tender qualities, although they may keep them well-hidden.

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Getting to know a Virgo ascendant can be tough for this reason, but is well worth it, because these people are very selfless and sympathetic towards their friends. Libra risings are recognized by their charm, graciousness, and social ability. With this position being ruled by Venus, they are seekers of beauty and harmony.

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They possess an aura of refinement and have a gentleness to their actions. These people often have a cheerful disposition, and love to be in an atmosphere of laughter and fun. This placement attracts friends who are confident and dominant, and can keep up with their social life.

Will-power and intensity are the words that come to mind for a Scorpio rising. They are charismatic and magnetic, and can be intimidating to a lot of people.

Pluto ruling this placement grants strong emotions, creativity, and persistence. In friendships, these people tend to attract more mature individuals, and value those who are intellectual and can hold a deep conversation. Jupiter rules Sagittarius risings, and this is evident in their optimistic, cheerful, and adventurous personality. They are well known for being very honest and idealistic. Sag ascendants love meeting new people and talking about new ideas.

rising signs horoscope Rising signs horoscope
rising signs horoscope Rising signs horoscope
rising signs horoscope Rising signs horoscope
rising signs horoscope Rising signs horoscope
rising signs horoscope Rising signs horoscope
rising signs horoscope Rising signs horoscope
rising signs horoscope Rising signs horoscope

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